This is just little ol' me.

So today I attended a Mum's in buisness meeting in Newport ( South Wales, UK). And was inspired by a lovely woman named Clair Stevenson who helps inspire and create blogs. So I thought I'd give this blog thing a go.... 

So it make sense to give a you a basic introduction of myself the woman behind Amber Noir Lingerie. 

My name is Hayley and as well as owning Amber Noir Lingerie I work part time, I am a wife, I am a mother to a human child as well as two fur babies oh and also some feathered too. I also co-founded a small society for keeping a species of bird called a Parrotlet ( I wont bore you with those details!) And I'm possibly going to be on the Parrot society Council ( that's a big thing in the 'bird world', and again wont go into too much detail with that). You could say I'm a busy bee!

I've been doing Amber Noir now for almost a year ...I'll be celebrating on the 4th of August the businesses first birthday.

  So what inspired me to do all this? 

A mental break down! Thats what.

In my part time job over a year ago I had a terrible anxiety attack that led me to a mental 'Blip'. They were trying to change my hours and I couldn't accommodate towards them so this lead me to believe they were trying to force me out. Some words were used that shouldn't of been said than made me feel insignificant. Walking home I was shaking and crying uncontrollably. I then realised I was by the doctors... completely the wrong way to my home and I felt lost and confused. I just wanted to be home and hide away. So with that I took some time off work to fix me.... this didnt go down well with some ( as expected,  alot of people still don't understand mental illness). Looking back I should of taken longer. I was not 100% right but I absolutely hate letting people down.  So went back a week later, still feeling like poo. 

But I didnt just want to do this job, I need something more. So I started to think. I have a foundation grade in fashion and textiles.... I bloody love lingerie so why not do something along those lines. I know it was 2002 when I received my Merit in Fashion and textiles so let's make some good use of it. I thought if I could create an online boutique selling beautiful classy lingerie that would be amazing. I wasn't interested in all these crotchless and peephole bras. I wanted to stock every day bras, big boobie bras, fashion bras. When most my friends discovered I was doing this I think most were suprised, I'm quiet a sexual person so I think they were expecting the 'naughty peices'.  But when it comes to my lingerie for real I like quality and fabrics. 

I researched good quality brands and I am always looking. I've created the website to hopefully one day make my own line of lingerie. That is my end goal. 

I hope this all made sense I am not the best at writing. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask x

Hayley, owner of Amber Noir Lingerie.