Hello September.....

How quick has this year gone?!?!
Now we enter my favourite time of year! I'm such a lover of autumn. Crispy leaves, cold weather, Halloween, christmas. I can not wait!!!

Also don't forget this month I will have a stall at barry pride on saturday 21st down high street. This will be an amazing event and I'll have all Curvy Kate and Playful Promises lines available.


Debbie from Aspirations and myself are also organizing  a ladies night in @aspirationsuk ... details will be announced soon!

Lots of fun and a Busy month. Oh and it's my birthday soon so will be having a sewing machine and I  will be build up on my sewing skills again. ( studied in collage) 

Hopefully I can make my own lingerie then! I would absolutely love to own a little boutique sell the stock I already source and also sell my own range.